It was one year ago that I was flying to Seattle to meet up with my mom and her best friend.  I was feeling the usual guilt for leaving work for the day.  Really?  It was just a day…. But there I was, sitting in the hotel after my early morning flight pounding away on my computer so that I could keep up with the cadence of work.  The pace was frenetic.  I was on call 24/7.  There was no vacation, there was “out of the office with my phone and computer.”

Not long after that scenario, things changed drastically.  Within a month, I left the job.  I didn’t just leave the job – I left the nervous stomach every morning, I left the stress, I left the need to protect coworkers, I left 24/7 checking my phone just in case, I left a job that I was very capable to perform but it was NOT ME.  It was a big MEH…  I had gained 25 pounds of stress.  I wasn’t doing the activities that I loved.  I wasn’t seeing friends like I had in the past.  There were good times too.  I wouldn’t have stayed as long as I did were it not for the coworkers that I’d hired and served alongside. 

Life long friendships kept me there longer than necessary.

I always had mindfulness and yoga on my side.  I went to a restorative yoga class every Sunday night just so I could prepare for the work week.  I attended class another 4 days per week to keep my mind and body as balanced as it could be.  I meditated every morning to find my center. 

I can’t imagine where the inner turmoil would have been if I didn’t have yoga and meditation. 

I am eternally grateful that I found the practice.

I started Mountain Song Yoga as a way to give to others what I discovered.  I discovered a way to cope with a life that wasn’t making me my best self.  I discovered that coping wasn’t enough.  I put my fear aside, all of the negative self talk aside and opted into the start of a life that the Universe had planned for me all along!  I needed the life that I had lived, the experiences and the opportunities, in order to create a more authentic version of me.

Join me on this journey.  I’ll help you start from wherever you are.  Don’t feel like you have to hit a certain point or a certain level to begin.  Call me.  Let’s begin together!