I created each of these malas with a specific intention  that has been lovingly breathed into each knot when tied. 
The energy of your mala is palpable!  

Experience the Mountain Song Mala Difference

> We use 6mm gemstones instead of the larger, heavier stones that are often too much weight on your neck. Along with the main gemstone, we add other stones to enhance the energy and intention of your mala.

> All Malas have the Mountain Song Bead, Angelite at the top of the mala; A peaceful crystal that embodies the gentle vibrations of your guardian angels, infusing your spirit with serenity and positivity.


What’s Included?

Mountain Song Mala necklaces are packaged with a basic guide to Malas, how to care for your mala, a beautiful tag in gold leaf with an energy description of the mala, the affirmation, and the stones. The mala is packaged in a gold satin bag to keep it safe and free from environmental dust. It arrives in a box surrounded by tissue paper and ready to give you all of it’s energy.

Gift Orders: If you’re shipping directly to a gift recipient, please include your personal message in the order notes at check out. We will be sure to include your sentiment in the box.

Your Mountain Song Mala has been charged by the moon and the intention lovingly breathed into each knot.

Questions about getting started on your Journey?

Drop me a line to find out more! I respect your privacy.  Pinky Promise.